Calling for MEN!

Anyone notice a serious lack of man power? I know you have. Consider this my disclaimer before I elaborate: I LOVE strong women, I consider myself a strong woman. I believe though, I can be strong and do important tasks while wearing a skirt and being openly feminine. I’m not interested in being a man … Continue reading

Natural, Home Made, Deodorant

I’m negligent again! I’m starting up a new potential money-making venture, so that in addition to chasing my toddler and making healthy meals for the family, and all the cleaning involved with those missions, I’ve made little time for the blog! Any way, I want to share this EASY, AFFORDABLE, HEALTHY, deodorant recipe! I love … Continue reading

Easy-to-make Health Tonic

I have really enjoyed the new recipes I’m learning through the┬áNourishing Traditions cookbook! Let me tell you, the cream cheese pastries I made with the home made cream cheese… SO YUMMY! They were a breakfast the first day, and snacks all week until I took out the last 4 last night. I highly recommend them! … Continue reading

The Natural Whey

I am SO excited to write this post! If you read these updates at all, you know I’m interested in all over health and wellness. I seek to make the best food and lifestyle choices for myself and family as I grow in information. A HUGE answer to my search I believe is found in … Continue reading

Journey to Chemical-free and Healthier Me!

Hello dear ones who still check this page! It’s a new year and time for new goals! Towards the end of last year, you may remember I was beginning to rid our home of as many chemically produced, commercial items as possible for a more cost effective, self-sufficient, and healthier way of living. That journey … Continue reading

Casualties of Motherhood

Decorating, wrapping, unwrapping, eating, and traveling! Oh fun it is to celebrate holidays with family and friends. One small anecdote from our recent, and first time traveling as a family for the holidays: On our way back from seeing my relatives, we stopped for a friends wedding, in which I had the pleasure of being … Continue reading

No ‘Poo’ for me!

No ‘Poo’ for me!

Ever notice on the back of your shampoo bottle all the chemicals in the recipe? Ever notice that even shampoos promising they’re “all natural” seem to have the same ingredients as say, your Herbal Essence, which is not all natural? I’ve been hunting for natural, home made solution to do my body, the environment, and … Continue reading

Rejuvenating Facial at Home!

Rejuvenating Facial at Home!

How badly do you need a relaxing day at the spa? Believe me, I’m with you! That’s a HUGE fantasy of mine yet to be realized. To get a taste of the relaxation and spoiling I need, I treat myself to a beautiful, luxurious, oil cleansing facial! This is totally easy and cost effective because … Continue reading

MIA For a while now…

I know I’ve left everyone hanging. I will be getting back to blogging soon, I have several posts waiting to be published, and more ideas in my head. In the meantime, one thing we’ve seen in our home is a pause in pottying with our son. Today I’ve been refreshing myself on some techniques. I … Continue reading

Don’t Throw Money in The Trash!

Don’t Throw Money in The Trash!

I love this idea from “365 Ways to Live cheap“, make wipes from flannel material. Many people already make their own baby wipes by using paper towels and their own cleaning solution, however, this EVEN BETTER! We bought really adorable material at Walmart for 3.97/yd. 2 yards got me about 48 cloths. I’m using a … Continue reading